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Train {Get Out there!}
Winter Marathon Training Group

During the polar vortex winter of 2013-2014, some track regulars based in downtown DC decided to get together on the weekends for winter marathon training and it was seriously motivating!

Now in it's 3rd year, the group, led by Mark Raugust and Christina Lauer, continues with weekly runs on either Saturday or Sunday mornings. Runs will start between 9AM and 10AM and will head out from a different location each week. The group will follow a training plan that will have you ready for a marathon/half marathon by March. All paces are welcome. The plan isn't strict - you can join for the full run or part of it. We will all start and when the final runner is done, we all head off for hot drinks and food.

Communication will be via the winter marathon training group Facebook Group. Visit this address,, and ask to join. That's where the group will post the training plans, pics, set up carpooling and decide the meeting place for each Saturday long run. Email Mark at if you have questions.