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cue sheets {directions}

Trainer Workouts
A few drills to keep you going this winter.  From Coach Andy M.


Rides and Routes
Here are some of the better known rides in our area. If you have some good cue sheets to share please email those to us and we'll be sure to get them posted.

Blue Ridge Challenge [PDF]
56 mile ride from Marshall, VA. Mostly rolling country roads with two challenging climbs (Mt Weather and the other one). PDF includes directions to the start and route map.

Riley's Lock [Excel]
20, 30, 40, or 60 miles.  Rolling hills - total climb is listed on each tab of the distance.  Great roads with traffic accustomed to bikers.

Eagleman Bike course [PDF]
A well known 56 mile bike course in Cambridge, MD.  Cue sheet on page 1, map on page 2.
There is also a 37 mile option on this [PDF] cue sheet.  The two courses overlap for the first 14.6 miles.  Cue sheet on page 1, map on page 2.

Glen Echo [Excel]
Located in Glen Echo, MD.  30, 40, 55 miles - each on a different tab.  Some rolling hills and larger climbs, through some quite neighborhoods (with a few speed bumps) and a few major streets. 

SavageMan Half Bike Course [Word]
Located in Deep Creek Lake.
Bike course for the 70.0 triathlon
Bike course for the 30.3 triathlon (2010)