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Bios {Program Leaders}

Alyssa Morrison (CoachAJ) Program Coach 
As a schooled occupational therapist, AJ has been helping people improve their fitness for years. AJ is the founder and head coach of Multisport In Motion. AJ is also a certified USAT Level 2 triathlon coach, USAT youth and junior triathlon coach, US Level 3 Cycling Coach and personal trainer. Building on the experience as a collegiate athlete in track and field, AJ is a seasoned triathlete. She was named to DC Tri Club's Elite Team in 2010 and 2011, as well as the DC Tri Snapple Elite Team in 2012 and 2013. She qualified for the 2009 and 2010 USAT Long Course National Championships, as well as the 2010 Ironman World Championships 70.3.

In addition, AJ represented Team USA at the 2010 ITU Short-Course Dualthon World Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland. AJ was named USAT Honorable Mention All-American for triathlon in 2010 and 2011. As the coach of DC Tri Club’s Ironman Training Program, AJ looks forward to sharing her knowledge and inspiring others in the DC Triathlon Club. AJ Morrison can be contacted at

Chris Jackson (chris913) Program Leader

Chris joined the DC Tri Club in 2010, the year of his first triathlon. The year before, woefully out of shape, he decided to train for a century ride and found that he really enjoyed cycling. He needed a new goal and decided to try triathlon. After completing 2 sprints and an Olympic distance race in 2010, he was hooked. 2011 saw his first Half IronMan and 2012 his first IronMan. He has since competed in 7 Half IronMan and 4 IronMan races. He really loves the longer course races and has 2 HIMs and 2 IMs scheduled for 2015.

His long-term goal is to qualify for Kona by age 50 (5 years) and, aside from needing to get significantly faster in the swim, bike, and run, dial in his nutrition strategy and improve his mental focus, he is basically there (good to have a stretch goal!). Chris really enjoys the challenge of racing and improving and he has met a lot of great people in the sport. He especially enjoys helping those newer to triathlon and since he has made every mistake possible, his hope is to help newer long course triathletes get up the learning curve faster. 

Patrick Pannett (ppannett) Program Co-Leader / Communications

A latecomer to the world of triathlon and running. Starting in 2010 with the National Half Marathon, he joined DC Tri that year and did his first triathlon - the SavageMan HIM at Deep Creek Lake.  

From there he went on to ChesapeakeMan IM in 2011, thanks to the first DC Tri IM program, the hills of St. George, Utah for his second Ironman, and Lake Placid for 2013. In 2014, he revisited the Chesapeake for IM Maryland, PRing once again. He ran Boston in '13 and '14, qualifying for 2015, but is now taking a year off to focus on shorter races and other events like the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim. He's excited to share my experiences, and looks forward to racing with everyone in 2015.   

Cindy Hutchings (hutchings) Program Co-Leader / elite team liaison

My triathlon career started in the mid-80's with the Bud Light Series.  I quickly discovered that my beer hydration method did not work after ending up in the medical tent.  So I kept the beer and dropped triathlons.  After a 20 year layoff, I resumed my triathlon career with some prodding from a workout buddy.  In the past 10 years, I have gone from a middle of the pack age grouper to part of Team USA for the 2013 and 2014 ITU Triathlon World Championships in London and Edmonton, respectively.  Most of my energy is spent on the Olympic distance thanks to Team USA, but my preferred distance is the HIM.  I always manage to sneak EagleMan onto my race schedule.  I was a competitive swimmer growing up.  As an adult, I have managed to learn to bike and run in spite of my swimming handicap.  I decided to volunteer with the HIP as a way to share my knowledge and experiences (no beer in the bike water bottles), and to help others meet their goals.