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DECEMBER 1, 2016 * News
Membership Dues to Increase on Dec 1st - renew before prices go up!

After much thought and analysis, the Board of Directors has voted to increase membership dues starting on December 1, 2016. Our Club was founded in 2002, and this will be just the third dues increases since incorporation. The last restructuring of membership options and corresponding dues increase was in 2012. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the costs of running the Club have gone up since. In addition, as we look into the future, we will continue to improve the member experience and offer more benefits to our Club members, such as additional training opportunities and an expanded line of Club gear.

The new membership dues will be:

  • 1 year membership will go from $50 to $60 ($10 increase)
  • 2 year membership will go from $90 to $95 ($5 increase)
  • 3 year membership will remain at $130.

However, we will continue to offer a $50/year membership option, and this will now be the “no membership kit” option.

We believe the Club will continue to offer the best value in the D.C. metro triathlon community (and among our club peers nationwide), as evidenced by the benefits you get for being a part of this great community:

  • Membership kit;
  • Affordable training weekends (historically less than $25);
  • Access to one-of-a-kind training programs—and a roadmap to take you from your first race to more intensive training and race preparation;
  • Affordable Club races (historically less than $35);
  • Food and drinks at featured Club events;
  • Club tent and support at major races;
  • Free clinics and seminars, such as “So you want to be an Ironman;”
  • Fun runs such as the Holiday Lights Run;
  • Partner discounts worth hundreds or thousands of dollars:
    • $10-$25 or 10% off numerous Mid-Atlantic races
    • 10-15% off at three local bike shops
    • 40% off Diamondback bikes
    • 10-15% off from Potomac River Running, including gear, races and training programs
    • 20% off Infinit nutrition
    • 50% off Rudy Project
    • ~60% off Xterra Wetsuits
    • 10% off Atlas Fitness strength training
    • 10% off at three physical therapy partners
    • 20% off TrainingPeaks
    • District Taco catered events
    • Free partner clinics and seminars;
  • And of course, priceless friendships!

We encourage all our members to renew their membership before dues go up on December 1st. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email our Club President at