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2008 {Training Diaries}

Training Diaries from 2008

Adrianne Kroepsch

Why I tri? You could say my triathlon endeavors began where my ballet career ended: at age eight, in a puddle on the floor. Actually, I can’t remember if I was eight, six, or ten even – all I remember is that I was too old to be peeing my pants. “Hold it until the end of the class,” my ballet teacher had said.

Brooke Horiuchi

Triathlete of the Month. This month's featured athlete is Brooke Horiuchi! Being born and raised in sunny L.A., she was tossed into a YMCA swimming pool at a young age and worked her way from a tadpole to flying fish.

Ed Moser

Triathlete of the Month. In this "April Fools" edition of DC Tri's Triathlete of the Month, we'd like to introduce you to the 2007 winner of DC Tri's President's Award and resident satirist, Ed Moser. Ed has been a pillar of DC Tri since the early days and his support only grows every year.

Liz Lewis

Triathlete of the Month. Two years ago, Liz started with a sprint triathlon, and now in 2008 she's graduating to full Ironman. Although not over, the journey to Ironman has not been the easiest.

Bruce MacFarlane

Triathlete of the Month. A DC Tri Club veteran of 5 years, February’s triathlete of the month is ironman and avid motorcyclist Bruce MacFarlane.

Brent Joaquin, Jr.

Triathlete of the Month. A prominent member of the DC Tri Club who is always there to provide a bit of comic relief, either in person or on the Forum, this month's featured athlete is Brent Joaquin, Jr. Brent is known for always maintaining a sense of humor while balancing the demands of a rigorous career in the US Navy with being a divorced single father, all the while maintaining his commitment of being a triathlete.