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2007 {training diaries}

Training Diaries from 2007

Eric Goetz

Triathlete of the Month. Our December featured athlete has been in DC for the last 12 years after being born in Puerto Rico, spending time in Denver, Vienna (not the exciting one in Austria) and attending college in Rhode Island.

Kathy Kemper-Dean

Triathlete of the Month. When asked if she considers herself a native of the DC area Kathy Kemper-Dean responds, “I mean, is anyone really born and raised here anymore?”

Megan Carney

Triathlete of the Month. Our September Triathlete of the Month, Megan Carney, works as a financial consultant and was nominated because of her great attitude on difficult workouts and, more importantly, her enjoyment of sports despite a lot of adversity.

Janice Kupiec

 Why I tri?

Donna Wilson

Why I tri? 

Anathea Powell

 Why I tri? Escape from Alcatraz

Paul Contino

 Why I tri?

Jessica Oldham

 Why I tri?

Hilary Chapman

 Why I tri?

Hermes Soyez

 Why I tri?

Ted Nugent

 Why I tri?

"Audentia" & "Torito"

Triathlete of the Month. Our August DC TRI-athletes of the month come from South America: Mariana from Brazil and Andrea from Colombia. These two ladies specialize in long-distance triathlons, competing in one or two Ironman-distance races a year.

Travis Siehndel

Why I tri?

Kip Pierson

Triathlete of the Month. For our inaugural profiled athlete, we chose a newcomer to the DC Tri Club, and to the sport of triathlon itself. His name is Kip Pierson.