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Moderate And Reduced Speed Pace Group {Mod2Slow}

Are you looking interesting in finding other multi-sport athletes who swim, bike, or run at a moderate or slower pace? If so, consider joining DC Triathlon Club's Moderate and Reduced Speed Pace group!

We aim to help members find others with similar paces, training goals, and/or workout schedules, to facilitate training/racing activities, and to provide a supportive venue. This includes those who run 10 minutes per mile or slower (including those who need to run/walk), bike on average 16 mph or below on flats (including those who struggle with hill climbing or are intimidated by group rides), and swimmers who consistently swim at a pace of greater than 1 minute per 50 yards.



Weekly Swim Meet-ups at the Takoma Aquatic Center (Wednesday's at 6am). 

Mod2Slow joins the Sunday Ride with the Vertical Swimmer - On the following dates the Mod2Slow group will join the Sunday Ride with the Vertical Swimmer: June 12, July 3, July 24, August 7, and August 14. For those who have never done this ride, this is a great option to become familiar with the route and to join others of similar paces. Details can be found on the Club forum at

Saturday Late Start Rides 
The Mod2Slow group will lead a  ride starting and ending in Rock Creek Park for late risers. This will be a no drop ride for riders of varying paces (most riders will be in the 12-16mph range). We are asking for volunteers to either lead a ride or provide additional assistance for the lead.

Are you interested in coordinating an event?
If you are interested in coordinating an event to promote accessibility to group rides/runs for all paces and to build a community, please consider coordinating an event or inviting others in the Mod2Slow group to join you for your regular training activities. We want to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable attending group trainings. The first step is for those of us that ride or run at moderate to slower paces to connect with eachother. 

If you're interested in coordinating a swimming, biking, or running event please contact 

Lucy Aguirre
Susan Filanowicz
Tatania Grollman
Sarah Lifsey
Toni Marechaux


Elizabeth Corona, Director of Community Development and Outreach

Log in to your DC Tri Club account. In the upper right hand corner of the page click on "My Account", then go to your "Public Profile". Under the section labled "Community Groups" check the box next to "Moderate to Slow".

Please also click here to sign up via Google Groups and receive communication from group members regarding meet ups and other topics. (To sign up, you will need to create a google group account first.) 

To connect with other members of the Mod2Slow group, join our Facebook page at, simply join the google group and post a message to fellow group members or post a message on the DC Tri Club Mod2Slow Forum.