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Fairfax Alexandria Arlington Springfield Triathlon {FAAST}

This is a neighborhood group for DC Triathlon Club members who live, work or play in the Fairfax Alexandria Arlington Springfield area. The group trains together and socializes together, and all levels are welcome. Join your neighbors for outdoor swim sessions, strength training, happy hours, organized bricks and more. This community group is open to anyone who requests to join.




A Google Group is now available to facilitate communication between group members and leaders. Please click!forum/dctfaast to sign up via Google Groups, and receive regular communication from group members regarding meet ups and other topics. (To sign up you will need a google groups account first.) 

You may also note your interest by logging in to your DC Tri Club account. In the upper right hand corner of the page click on "My Account", then go to your "Public Profile". Under the section labled "Community Groups" check the box next to "Alexandria Area". NOTE: You will not receive  communication from the forum unless you also sign up for the google group.